While you’ve spent the summer of 2013 eating heirloom tomatoes from the farmer’s market while simultaneously kite-boarding, reading US Weekly on the beach, and packing for Fire Island, I’ve spent the summer selling my valuables on eBay to pay my rent because I gave up my full-time job (with benefits!) to be an unpaid intern. As of this week, my savings are gone, the only furniture I haven’t auctioned off is an old laundry hamper, and I’ve reached a level of poverty that I last knew as a teenager (or, the appropriate age to be an intern) but I’m more content than I have been in ages. Giving up my steady, responsible, totally fine job to be an intern was the best move I’ve made since losing the spray tan in tenth grade, and this is because I’ve spent the summer learning how to make public radio. Read more….

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    Love this.
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    The story of chasing your public radio dreams from the creator of babesofnpr.tumblr.com.
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    Um let’s not glorify poverty NPR. Unpaid internships are death.
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